b'10|SMITHS TECHNICAL SERVICES 11UKAS ACCREDITED MATERIALSROBUST, TRANSPARENT, ACCURATE.TESTING LABORATORYWe undertake both single-event materials testing andINDEPENDENTWe have a completely embedded Quality on-going sampling programmes that can be tailored toManagement System that is robust, transparent and fit a customers requirements. MATERIAL TESTINGmeets the needs of the most demanding customer applications. In addition, we offer testing routines for specific customer applications enabling us to provide a supplyThe system has traceability at its very heart. Every route for materials with unique certificationOUR OWN ACCREDITED TESTING FACILITY piece of material that enters our warehouses is given a requirements. unique reference number which stays with it as a We are unique in our sector in having an in-house UKASrecord and a barcode label whilst that material is MODERN & FULLY RESOURCED accredited materials testing laboratory.under our care.Having invested in modern, computer controlled,PRIMARY DRIVERStesting equipment we are able to offer a fast turnaround on most testing requirements. Our business systems have two main drivers. First is our rigorous approach to process accuracy. We We aim to understand all customer requirements andcontinuously refine all of our business processes to have experience within a wide range of industries. Thiseliminate the smallest possible deviations. Secondly, gives us the ability to offer all our customers a highwe do all of this in a highly efficient manner.quality cost-effective service.ACCURACYFASTER LEAD TIMESOur business systems automatically perform Our testing services enable us to react to ourQUALITY hundreds of checks on every order that goes through customers needs whilst offering confidence in ourour system - this means we have been able to metallurgy expertise. We offer effective in-houseimplement highest standards of process quality.solutions which promotes a rapid responseA FULLY EMBEDDED QUALITY MANAGEMENT environment resulting in excellent customer deliverySYSTEM FOR TOTAL TRANSPARENCY We are experts on both quality and testing.performance.Not a concept that is bolted-on to the rest of our business. It quality system is the foundation upon which our business runs.1930'