Our Approach Is Unique

We take a radically different approach to stockholding, which is supporting by eight differential selling advantages (DSA's); these advantages define our business and sets us apart when compared to other stockholding businesses. Click on an image below to discover more.

Our unique approach to stockholding is supported by 8 differential selling advantages.

Differential Selling Advantages

Our advantages demonstrate the lengths we go to, which ensures that your raw material is supplied to the highest possible quality and delivered to you on time every single time.

The topics are varied but all seamlessly knit together to form a stockholding business which sets us apart from other companies in the industry; these benefits are passed on directly to our customers.

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Understanding Smiths

We accurately substantiate the quality of our services with differential selling advantages that define our business in terms of quality and performance.

Our business is fully supported by a bespoke IT platform which, unlike 'off the shelf' packages, has been written specifically for purpose.

Our quality management system (QMS) is completely embedded in our bespoke business systems and is, therefore, plays an integral part in everything that we do.