Copper Tin Alloys

While bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, the term is also used to describe a broader range of copper-based alloys. In general terms, bronze alloys consist of about 12% tin, though some specialised products may contain as much as 20%. Click on an image below to view our material grades.

Bronze Alloy Stock Range.

Early Beginnings

Bronze has been around for a very long time.

In Britain, bronze usage began around 2000BC due to the alloy being much harder and durable than metals such as copper. Ideal for casting, bronze found initial use in the production of tools, weaponry and ornaments. The popularity of bronze has endured to this very day.

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Why Choose Smiths?

With our unique barcoding system combined with the power of industry-leading bespoke systems, all our products are totally traceable while under our care.

By combining the power of our material stock, bespoke IT platform and processing options, we tailor supply packages which makes your supply chain more efficient and cost-effective.

We are a centrally operated business, which offers cost benefits that can be passed onto our customers. Although our business functions with 14 individual service centres, our entire operation is managed via our central hub at Biggleswade.