Incredibly Versatile

We offer an extensive range of copper products, including standard copper grades and also copper-nickel alloys. Copper benefits from being an incredibly versatile engineering material and finds use in a broad range of applications. Click on an image below to view our material grades.

Copper Alloy Stock Range.

Electrical Conductivity

Copper has an electrical conductivity that is superior to all metals other than silver and it has a very high thermal conductivity too.

Copper can be worked very easily, making it the material of choice for many applications. Its ability to form a protective oxide film with an attractive green patina has also made it the material of choice for many constructional uses, particularly roofing.

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Why Choose Smiths?

Quality forms the very foundation on which our business is built. Our quality management system is fully embedded in our bespoke IT platform and is featured in all our business processes.

Our bespoke systems perform hundreds of individual checks on all transactions to ensure that your order is processed and fulfilled accurately.

With our unique barcoding system combined with the power of industry-leading bespoke systems, all our products are totally traceable while under our care.