Utilising Recycling

Modern manufacturing techniques employed to produce the engineering raw materials that we sell make full use of recycling technologies; this is an economic advantage as well as an environmental benefit. For example, aluminium has a very well established worldwide recycling programme.

Our company, suppliers and customers are all committed to lowering our carbon footprint.

Environmental Protection

It is our objective to seek every opportunity to contribute to the protection of the environment. We make provision of facilities for the re-use of waste product and packaging by recycling and by contributing to the reduction in the use of fossil fuel by avoiding unnecessary use of power.

We are committed to promoting environmentally-friendly action in every aspect of its business, which in turn results in continued improvements in both customer service and business activity.

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Making a Difference

We adopt UK and International recycling programmes which relate both to raw materials and packaging products.

We are conscious of our carbon footprint and ensure that environmental protection is a consideration in every aspect of our business operations.

We establish an operating framework which requires and charges all personnel employed in the Company, its suppliers and customers, to participate and co-operate at all levels to achieve this commitment in action and deed.