Diverse Market Coverage

While our core business is to serve the general engineering marketplace, we also work in a variety of industrial sectors, all of which require different raw materials, specifications and expertise. To take a closer look at the markets we support, please click on one of the images below.

We supply into numerous industrial markets.

Evolving Markets

Our company has evolved continuously over the years. It has developed expertise and experience in many other core markets as the needs of our customers have become more diverse and demanding.

Whilst we are a company who supplies multi-metals and plastics to anyone that needs them, we do have particular specialist experience in many advanced market sectors.

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Sector Support

Whilst our general business operation involves the supply of multi-metals and plastics to anyone that needs them, we also have specialist experience in many specialist markets.

The approvals we hold is indicative of our expertise and knowledge and demonstrates our commitment to providing excellence in the field of material supply.

We stock products which are industry-specific including product ranges specifically suited to market sectors such as aerospace, oil, gas and petrochemical.