A Single-Supply Source

Our metal processing options open up the possibility for us to supply your engineering raw materials in sizes, lengths, finishes and coatings that are already one step closer to the finished component you have in mind. Click on an image below to learn more about our processing services.

We process our engineering raw materials in-house at both central and local level.

Significant Investment

We have invested millions of pounds in machinery designed specifically for processing engineering raw materials, and we've set-up work cells to do this as efficiently as possible.

By taking advantage of our service, our customers are able to get on with the more complex manufacturing operations that earn them money.

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Adding Value

By utilising our processing services with our substantial stockholding, you will receive engineering raw materials which are ready to machine.

Our processing services reflect a policy of continual financial investment. We are consistently upgrading our equipment to ensure we offer the best possible services to our customers.

Our processing capacity is impressive. At our central warehouse in Biggleswade, we process more than 2 million billets every single year.