Extensive Usage

Nickel alloys are of interest to engineers due to their thermal expansion and magnetic permeability characteristics. Nickel has been developed over recent years to meet a demand for materials used in high-technology specific applications. Click on an image below to view our material grades.

Nickel Alloy Stock Range.

Meeting Demand

Our nickel alloys include a range of superalloys and nickel silver products for specific engineering applications.

At Smiths, we carry an extensive stock range in grades and shapes that have proven to meet the needs of our customer base. For example, Radiometal 4550 combines excellent permeability with high saturation flux density and is frequently used in transformers.

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Why Choose Smiths?

Our network of 14 UK service centres is strategically placed to provide you with material support and expertise on your doorstep.

With a sophisticated bespoke IT platform with an integrated MRP system, we use complex algorithms to accurately forecast stock requirements on a daily basis.

Our bespoke systems perform hundreds of individual checks on all transactions to ensure that your order is processed and fulfilled accurately.