Personal Development

We personally develop our employees to maximise their potential within our business. Taking this approach has a positive impact on our company and business environment. Employee retention within Smiths is high as our employees feel valued.

We continually invest in our people to maximise their potential.

Wellbeing Services

We recognise that the mental and physical wellbeing of our employees is also of critical importance.

To support our workforce, we provide a variety of in-house wellbeing services, including chiropractic therapy, to ensure that the physical wellbeing of our warehouse staff and operatives is maintained to the highest level. Since introducing, absenteeism as a result of poor physical health has reduced significantly.


Employee Support

Our employees benefit from personal development plans to ensure that they reach their full potential.

We reduce absenteeism by implementing services to promote the mental and physical wellbeing of our workforce.

We ensure that our employees receive support with well-structured training plans to ensure that they work to their maximum potential, regardless of their business role.