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We are a world-class supplier of engineering raw materials. Our objective is to provide all our customers, from the small machine shop to the large multi-national corporation, a supply path that continuously delivers the highest levels of service, quality and value.

Smiths Purchasing

Central Purchasing Department

Smiths Purchasing - a central function based in Biggleswade

Based at our Central Operations and Bulk Warehousing Facility in Biggleswade, Smiths Purchasing provides centralised procurement services for the Group.

Our dedicated team of purchasing professionals work with suppliers who share our vision in terms of how we sell products into our chosen markets. We benefit from genuine collaborative relationships with our suppliers who value our expertise. The reciprocal relationships we build with our suppliers generates benefits which we pass on directly to our customers. As a centralised department, we create cost efficiencies which are also passed on in the same way.

Systems Power

Smiths Purchasing utilises the power of our industry-leading bespoke IT platform, which includes a powerful MRP system that uses complex algorithms to forecast future demand accurately. We offer our customers a level of stock certainty which is unrivalled in the engineering raw material supply sector.


Our purchasing team sets the highest standards in terms of quality and delivery performance. We actively work with our suppliers to ensure that overall quality and consistency is maintained to the highest standards. We also arrange capacity reservations which provide us with the flexibility to respond to our customer's deadlines.

Smiths Purchasing

Stratton Business Park, London Road,
Biggleswade, Bedfordshire
SG18 8QB

+44 (0)1767 604701

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