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We want to keep in touch with your business, and contacting Smiths is a simple process. Like many businesses in the past, we used contact forms for this but have now dispensed with the idea for many reasons.

An unattractive contact method

Contact forms are tedious to complete, especially in the commercial world. We seldom find time to dilligently provide all the necessary information and why should you when a simple email link will suffice?


We also recognise that trust in the use of contact forms are at an all-time low. There have been many headlines raising concerns regarding what companies do with personal data and there have also been data breaches with many high-profile players. For this reasons, we want our customers to feel comfortable about contacting us and therefore we do not capture data and merely respond to the requests you make.

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To make you enquiry simply click here to send us an email - all you need to do is provide us with your name and location. We need your location so we can allocate your request to the appropriate UK service centre who will provide you with the best service.